Lavender Kit Large

Lavender Kit Large

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Relax and relieve with our Large Lavender Kit. It includes natural healing benefits such as reducing anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Made with natural Lavender essential oil and natural Lavender buds. This kit is meant to encourage self-care and calmness. This is a perfect gift for someone who needs to relax and relieve stress. This kit also includes exfoliates to help get rid of dead skin and hydrate skin. Many of these products are made with oils to help moisturize and hydrate skin. 


-1 Wild About Lavender soap 4 ounce

-1 Lavender Sugar Scrub 8 ounce

-1 Lavender Whipped Body Butter 8 ounce

-1 April Moon Bath Bomb 4 ounce

-1 Loofah Circle

-1 Exfoliating Bag

-1 Mint N Chip Lip Balm

-1 Floral Salts 6 ounce

-1 Purple Haze Lavender Body Spray